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Hey! I’m Rashena, your friendly Multi-Cultural Dreadlock Care and Maintenance Specialist.  I strive to make each person in my chair feel as special and unique as their dreads by meeting them where they are in their dreadlock journey and providing them with a gentle care and maintenance session along with information and tips on how to care for your hair at home.

The maintenance techniques I offer are:

  • Retwist $100 Starting rate; price can vary depending on length of hair and time since last maintenance session

  •   Crochet $75/hour for first 2 hours+ $50/hour per additional hour

  •  Interlocking $75/hour for first 2 hours+ $50/hour per additional hour

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My current schedule is Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

To request a Consultation and schedule an appointment, Text, or Call.  You can also message me on Instagram

Consultations are required for all first-time clients and for return clients who have not had maintenance within 12 weeks. 

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