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I’m Megan! My pronouns are she/her. I love anything to do with being creative, outdoorsy stuff, and connecting to people. My other main love is jewelry making. But I also love sculpting and painting. I feel lucky that I have found a career that lets me blend my love of creation with connection to people. Hair artistry allows me to bring my skills in design and color theory to people's heads. 


I love doing anything outside of the box. Whether that is a creative crayon color, color placement, or cuts. I also love doing balayage, curly cuts, or anything that involves clipper work. I am mixed (black & white) and I thoroughly enjoy cutting natural hair. 


I mostly operate on the left side of my brain so time management is sometimes a struggle (I may be 10mins behind at times but every appointment gets the full deal). My sun sign is Virgo and that perfectionism def comes through in my hair artistry.


I love to hear peoples stories, passions, talk astrology/ tarot, and dad jokes are always welcome.

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