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Hai! I’m Jordin, I use He/Him pronouns  (They/Them are also okay for me). 

I started my hair career in 2014 mostly out of desperation. As a Queer person, I found it most challenging to find a barbershop or salon where I felt safe and seen in my identity without having to answer uncomfortable and personal questions (that were often wildly inappropriate) or having to prove my identity by acting a specific way. I’ve done my best to create an environment of acceptance, curiosity, and empowerment at Anomaly Hair Collective, for folks to be able to explore, experiment, and start feeling seen and validated themselves.


I am a Gemini with a steady 10 years of therapy under my belt and a passion for personal growth and development (sans toxic positivity/toxic spiritualism). I don’t always understand nuances and can often be overheard partaking in TMI. Usually, that means normalizing different human experiences that we are supposed to feel shame and guilt about. 


When I’m not at the studio, you can find me out of cell range in the forest, playing with plants, cleansing my crystals (no cap), painting abstract thoughts and ideas, or running the trails while solving societal problems.


Contact me directly for pricing and availability.

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