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My name is Kelsey, but I like to go by Kels. My pronouns are they/she/he, and I like them to be used interchangeably. 

I have been doing hair for 10 years and have seen way too much focus on the gender binary in this industry. On that note, I am on a mission to dismantle gender-based pricing! Hair should be charged by either length or time, not by gender.

This is one of the many reasons why I am so incredibly excited that Jordin and the rest of the Anomaly team have welcomed me aboard. This next endeavor is going to be wonderful and I feel very grateful to be part of a community that values everyone's uniqueness. 

Fun facts:

  • My wife and I lived in Spain for 2 years teaching English.

  • I have two doggie sons, Prince and Zeppelin who were adopted from the Greenhill Humane Society.

  • At age 6 I used to want to manage an apartment complex because I thought that was the only way you could own/drive a golf cart.

  • I went on a solo 5-week trip around Europe, just me and my backpack in 2017.

I could go on and on, but you'll just have to come to visit me at Anomaly Hair Collective!

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