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My name is Zayah, and I use they/she pronouns.

As a hairstylist, I provide a safe and welcoming place for fun ideas and self-expression! I love textured, unique haircuts and curls - feel free to bring eccentric ideas to the chair! Though I'm newer to color, I love experimenting with fun colors and would love to bring your ideas to life!

I've been professionally doing hair for over a year, and I love how interconnected and fun this career can be!

A little about me: I'm a Libra who loves cozy weather and tends to be chatty. I will talk your ear off about horror movies (especially bad 80s slashers), and I have two cats who are my babies, Tofu and Miso (feel free to ask for photos or show me your kitties!). 

Message me any other questions you may have! 

***Please allow extra time for services, as I am a newer stylist - let me know in advance if timing is an issue.

The best way to reach me to schedule an appointment is through Instagram or text.

So excited to meet y'all!

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